"We have learnt lots about finding contractors & sourcing materials, schedules of works, health & safety & project management skills & techniques. We have a more accurate idea now of refurb costings & specification for going out to tender to contractors.


It has given us a clearer idea re timetables for our project & we have gained increased confidence in the processes.

Thank you Darren!"


Louise & Richard  

"I learnt many things and really enjoyed getting an insight to how Darren works. I particularly found the specifications of work super, the health and safety aspects of the day and the systems Darren uses. 


For me personally, I enrolled onto the day so I could understand the whole process of managing a project better. It also allowed me to understand my trades team better. I also feel by enrolling on this course, it helps me to sound like I know what I am doing and therefore more investable in the future." 



Through several years of networking with hundreds of people that have started property businesses and in many cases have attended training courses to learn various property models and strategies, one thing is crystal clear and that is that here is a HUGE KNOWLEDGE GAP when it comes to refurb projects and in particular the precautions that you need to take to protect yourself or your client as the investor as well as your team that are working on your site.



⭐️  Estimating refurbishment and conversion costs


⭐️  How NOT to price up your refurb or conversion project


⭐️  Who you really need in your team


⭐️  How to find & manage your professional contract team


⭐️  Insurances and compliance


⭐️  CDM compliance for health & safety - reducing the risk

⭐️  Systems and processes for projects


⭐️  How to manage refurb phases & document the process


⭐️  Project planning software


⭐️  Keep to timelines and mitigate issues


⭐️  Paying builders & tax - what you need to know


⭐️  How to finish refurbishments



"We found the training really interesting and useful - we’ve vastly improved our knowledge on writing specifications & programming/scheduling


What we’ve learnt will help us greatly in terms of the project we’re about to embark on & we feel like we’re going into this with more knowledge and expectations, as well as now planning for additional aspects not to mention all the additional templates and resources Darren has shared with us, which will be invaluable to us."


Martin & Lauren  

I'm passionate about helping property investors, wherever they are on their journeys, to understand what they need to know and do to protect themselves and their trades teams on site to mitigate risk when undertaking refurb, renovation & conversion projects.

Darren Burrows


Daniel H

Myself and my business partner worked with Darren learning about what we need to be doing for bigger site developments including health and safety, what contracts we need in place, and what our subcontractors need in place just to be sure we’re doing things properly.


I feel like we’re ready and set to go now. I’m comfortable going into bigger jobs now, looking after everyone properly.


I’d recommend having a chat with Darren and see how he can help you to move forward and get yourself set up in the same way that we have learnt. I’d definitely recommend speaking to him about it and doing the programme with him.

​​Stefan K

I’ve done a course with Darren to learn about compliance, insurances and health and safety in the UK as I’ve just opened up a construction company recently.


His course was very valuable with good information and has given me confidence that what I’m doing on sites is correct and I am compliant for health and safety.

Sean F

As a growing business we needed some help and guidance on projects and our responsibilities. Darren is extremely knowledgable and thorough in his approach and in the ability to guide others.


His mentorship is no nonsense and clear to understand with a huge amount of content and recommendations that can be implemented immediately. 


Darren has helped us to understand the processes needed for projects to run more smoothly and most importantly to enable us to protect our investor clients in our deal packaging business which in turn allows us to offer a service that most of our competition are not able to do.